About Redsharkboy Studio (Marker Snyder)

It all started with a red magic marker…

When I was 3, I loved to draw. My mom says that the very first time she left me alone with a pack of markers, she returned to find that not only had I colored all over my piece of paper, but I had drawn all over my face, my hands, the table, the walls, the carpeting, and just about every other surface in a 10-foot radius.

Instead of getting mad at me, she just laughed, “My little creative monster, my little red shark boy, what a giant mess you’ve made!”

And from then on, that name just sort of stuck. I loved getting messy with art. Whenever my creative passions overtook me, we always said that “Redsharkboy did it!” Redsharkboy was the one who got glue all over the encyclopedias and glitter in the cushions of brand new couch. Redsharkboy cut up all the magazines in the library to make a collage and smeared paint all over the dining room table. Redsharkboy stayed up all night writing stories and illustrating books to share with my friends at school.

Redsharkboy allowed me to lose myself in the process of making.

Over time, I moved on from red to all colors of the rainbow and found a whole family of creative monsters to join me on my journey.

In 2003, I founded Redsharkboy Studio to try to share this magic with the world. Through drawings, stories and products, I hope to help you unlock your dreams and unleash your creativity.

And, in case you’re wondering, I’m still very good at making messes. But I’ve stopped seeing them as messes and started seeing them as the springboard for imagination. And now I’m so excited to share the results with you.

So keep spreading the love and remember to take a little piece of Redsharkboy with you wherever you go!

To learn more about me and my artwork, check out my website: www.DrawingWithMarker.com