Bring your intentions to life:

While lighting candles, breathe deeply and focus on your intention. 

HEALING will emanate from within you.

COURAGE will empower you.

MANIFESTATION will bring your intention to life.

UNITY will bring us together

PATHFINDER will help you find the way.

GUARDIAN will watch over you.

LOVE will flow through you.

PROTECTION will surround you.

- - -

Each of the eight unique designs on our 8" votive candles are hand drawn and printed onto translucent decals. Portions of each decal are backed in white ink for varying levels of opacity. Poured white wax is enclosed in a tall glass jar to allow for continuous burning over extended periods of time. Additional UV lamination makes candles durable and scuff resistant.

Each candle comes with matching Intention Magnet.

- - -

Unscented Candle

Each glass votive measures 8" x 2.25"

Poured wax measures approx. 6.5" tall

Refrigerator magnet measures 2.25" in diameter

Pins measure 2.25" in diameter