Starting a New Season

Most people feel a little bit of a let down after the holidays, but not me. Because here at Redsharkboy Studio it’s the start of a whole new season: what I like to call the “Season of Love.”

For me, the Season of Love it isn’t just about appreciating the one special person in my life, but all the special people in my life. And trying to make sure all these people know just how much love I have for them.

Making valentines has always been a yearly tradition since I was a kid. When I was growing up, we always had a big yellow tub of stickers, doilies, construction paper, glitter, glue, markers, envelopes and just about anything and everything else you might imagine to make glorious handmade cards for my family and all my friends at school. I loved putting these valentines into handmade mailboxes and the thrill of giving something handmade made me endless happy. Continuing this tradition every year is actually how Redsharkboy got its start and why I started making stationery in the first place. It just felt so good to share love with everyone and by making cards and stationery sets I could spread that love even further into the world.

Right now I’m almost giddy as we take down our tinsel, wreaths and holiday decorations and I dive into production on new products for the Season of Love. The time of year when monsters, robots, turtles and unidentifiable creatures of all shapes and sizes start to find love. For friends, for lovers, for those in desperate need of a hug.

Stay cozy this cold season and share a little Redsharkboy love.

And be sure stay tuned throughout the upcoming month as new products and stationery are continually added to this site.